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Peoplesoft HRMS Functional Online Training Course Content

what is ERP

  • Introduction to ERP(PeopleSoft)
  • Functional Consultant role
  • PeopleSoft Internet Architecture(PIA)
  • Basic HRMS concepts
  • Administer Workforce Business Process
  • Base Benefits
  • Benefits Administration
  • Recruitment
  • Time & labor
  • Global Payroll
  • NA Payroll
  • Implementation Environment and standard procedures
  • Quality Assurance Activities

Peoplesoft Architecture

Internet Architecture(PIA)

  • Database Architecture
  • Portal Architecture

Application Designer

Application Designer Structure

  • Creating Field Definitions
  • Creating Record Definitions
  • Creating Page Definitions
  • Creating Component Definitions
  • Creating Menu Definitions
  • Registering a Component or iScript

Application Engine

  • Application Engine Overview
  • AE Program Elements
  • Understanding State Records
  • Understanding Temporary Table
  • Understanding Restart Concept
  • Understanding set processing
  • Debugging AE Program
  • Running of A.E (Different ways)

File Layout & CI

  • Understanding File Layout
  • Component interface attributes
  • Testing Component interface
  • Exercise on File layout & CI

Contents For People Code

  • Recurrence Definitions
  • People code Overview
  • Component Processor Flow
  • Data Types, Comments and Variables
  • Understanding Objects and Classes in People Code
  • Debugging
  • File Attachments
  • Methods and Built-In Functions
  • Accessing the Data Buffer
  • Referencing Data in the Component Buffer

Process Scheduler

  • Run Control ID
  • Creating Run Control Page
  • SQR Introduction
  • Building your first SQR program
  • SQR columns, variables and literals
  • Predefined SQR variables
  • List Variables
  • Manipulating data elements
  • Arithmetic commands
  • The move command
  • String manipulation
  • The Let command
  • Built-in functions
  • File-related functions
  • Date functions
  • String functions
  • SQR page
  • How SQR processes the source program
  • Five sections of an SQR program
  • Program section
  • Setup section
  • Explicit and implicit printing
  • Heading section and Footing section
  • Procedure section
  • Loops and decision logic
  • Print command
  • Formatting your output
  • Break logic
  • Run-time and compile-time
  • Variables
  • Working with arrays
  • Multiple Reports


  • Generate Letters
  • Flat Files & Examples
  • Debugging Techniques
  • How to run an SQR program in different ways with suitable SQR architecture
  • Database support structured query language


Crystal reports

Psn vision