ORACLE Identity Manager 11gr2

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ORACLE Identity Manager 11gr2 Online Training Course Content

Identity Management Overview

  • What is a Middleware?
  • What is Oracle Fusion Middleware?
  • Components of Fusion Middleware
  • What is an identity?
  • What is Identity Management?
  • What is Identity Manager?
  • Different types of Identity Managers
  • Why is it required?
  • What is OIM? (Oracle Identity Manager)
  • Features of OIM
  • Role of OIM

OIM Architecture

  • Middleware Tier:
  • Presentation Tier
  • Business Services Tier
  • The Data Tier


  • How and where to download?
  • Components required
  • Version compatibility


  • Repository Creation Utility(RCU)
  • Weblogic
  • Jdk/Jrockit
  • IAM Suite
  • SOA Suite
  • Oracle Database

System Requirements and Installation

  • Database installation
  • Database Configuration
  • Java/Jrockit download & installation
  • Weblogic Installation
  • SOA Suite Installation
  • IAM Suite installation


  • Creating domain
  • Configuring the domain for OIM using Configuration Wizard

OIM Administration (Identity System Administration)

  • Oracle Identity Manager System Administration Console
  • Concepts of Provisioning
  • Concepts of reconciliation
  • About Schedulers
  • About Event Management
  • Reconciliation Events


  • What is a sandbox?
  • How to create a sandbox?
  • How does a sandbox help during customization?
  • How to view the contents of a sandbox?
  • Activating and de-activating a sandbox
  • Publishing a sandbox


  • What is a catalog?
  • How does the cart system work?
  • What is an entitlement?
  • What are the schedulers associated with the catalog and the
  • cart items?
  • How to do a customized search in a catalog?
  • Adding tags to a particular item in a catalog

Application Instance

  • What is an App instance?
  • How and why is using an app instance more convenient,
  • compared to OIM11gR1’s flow
  • How to create an App instance?
  • How to create a disconnected App instance?
  • Using form designer to attach a form to an App instance

Identity Self Service

  • How to Track Requests?
  • Checking the Pending Attestations?
  • Creating users in OIM
  • Creating roles in OIM
  • Creating Organization in OIM
  • Who is a Xellerate User?


  • What is a connector?
  • Why do we need connectors?
  • Different types of connectors

Design Console

  • Various components and features of design console
  • Navigating in the design console
  • Special Fields and Form types
  • Designing forms according to the target system attributes
  • Creating adaptors for tasks
  • Creating IT Resource definition
  • Creating IT Resource

Access Policies

  • Terminologies used in Access Policies
  • Attaching an access Policy to a role.
  • Automating the process of provisioning using Access Policies

Authorization Policies

  • What is an authorization policy
  • How to create an authorization policy
  • Associating an authorization policy to a role
  • Using OIM in real-time production Environment

Connector Installation and Configuration with the target

  • Target System Installation
  • Connector Installation
  • Filling the IT Resource
  • Running Schedulers
  • Checking the failed schedulers
  • Checking the Lookups

Connector Functionality

  • Create User in OIM
  • Provisioning user to target system
  • Adding roles/profiles to the user
  • Deleting the user from target
  • Locking and unlocking the user account
  • Recon User
  • Managing user attributes and Passwords using OIM
  • Checking the events in event management tab
  • Sorting the event when N number of events are generated

Generic Technology Connectors

  • Requirements for GTC
  • Features of GTC Connectors
  • Architecture of GTC Connectors

Connector Lifecycle

  • Installing Connector
  • Cloning Connector
  • Upgrading Connector
  • Uninstalling Connector