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IBM AIX Online Training Course Content

Introduction to AIX

  • Introduction to AIX includes RISC Technology, RISC Processors, RISC History, POWERArchitecture, P-Series System Buses (PCI,ISA,MCA Buses) Uniprocessor , SMP and Cluster1600. Difference between SMP and SMT.

Introduction to IBM Hardware

  • Introduction to IBM Hardware include Series of Hardware in IBM,Introduction to POWER and History of POWER Hardware,POWER Hardware Generations, AIX evolutions.

UNIX Basics

  • Structure of Unix include Hardware, shell, kernel and Utilities and Application

Unix File System Hierarchy

  • Unix File System Hierarchy include file system Hierarchy

Boot Process in AIX

  • Boot Process in AIX include Modes of System startup, Startup Process in AIX,Importanats of /etc/inittab file in boot process, Common Booting codes, Shutdown Process of AIX.

AIXS 6.1 and 7.1 OS installation

  • Basic Requirements for AIX OS Installation (AIX 6.1 and AIX 7.1) AIX Installation Methods.

Software Installation and Maintenance

  • AIX Product Offering,Packaging Definitions,Fileset Namings,Software updates,oslevel commands and AIX oslevel Naming.Types of Software upgrades,Software installations By geninstall,Software installations and Maintenance, Software Maintenance & Utilities, Instfix Commands, Integrity of the operating system commands. System Management Interface Tool (smit),smit Fast Paths,smit Features,smit Modes of operations.

Object Data Manager

  • What is Object Data Manager (ODM),Basic Components of the ODM, important ODM Database files, ODM Commands, Examples of using the ODM.

Device Management

  • Device Terminology, Types of Devices, Device Configuration Databases, Configuration Manager (cfgmgr command),device Management commands,Device States, Remove a device Configuration, Modifying an existing device configuration,

RAID Levels

  • What is RAID, Types of RAID`s, RAID Levels (RAID0, RAID1,RAID10, RAID5)

Logical Volume Manager (LVM)

  • Component of AIX Storage, Traditional Unix Disk Storage, Issue with Traditional Unix Disk Storage, Benefit of the LVM, Logical Volume Components,Volume Group Types, Volume Group -t Factor, Limitations of logical volume storage, Volume Group Descriptor Area (VGDA), Quorum, Volume Group Status Area(VGSA),Logical Storage,Logical Volumes,LVM Mapping, Uses of Logical Volumes, Logical volume control block (LVCB),Physical Volume Allocation Policy, Logical Volume Mirroring, logical Volume Striping,Logical Track Group(LTG).

File Systems in AIX

  • What is File systems,Standard Filesystem in AIX ,AIX Supported Filesystems,/etc/filesystems decriptions,What Is Mount Points, Structure of a Journaled File System, File System Fragmentation,Difference between JFS and JFS2,System Storage Review.

Paging Space

  • What is Paging Space, Paging Space Placement, Creation of Paging Space,Paging Space Commands, Removing Paging Space,Paging Space Troubleshooting.

Networking Concepts

  • What is TCP/IP,Networking Architecture,Protocol,Standard TCP/IP facilities,routes, Method to Configure the TCP/IP ,Basic TCP/IP Functions, Ethernet Naming Convention in AIX

Performance Monitoring in AIX

  • iostat,vmstat,netstat,ps,lsattr,lslv,nfsstat,topas,etc.Nmon Configuration in AIX.

Scheduling Jobs

  • Function of the Cron daemon, Starting of cron,crontab files,crontab commands,atcommand.


  • Why Backups,Types of Backups,Backup Devices,Device Naming in AIX,rootvg Backup Process, Tape layout of a mksysb image,backup Commands,Types of Paths,restore commands,Other Unix Backup Commands,tctl Command,Good Backup Practices.

User Administration

  • Default users in AIX,Default group in AIX,User Hierarchy,User Security Logs,User administration Commands,Login Sequence.

Overview of Network File System (NFS)

  • What is NFS,NFS Versions.

Overview of Network Installation Manager (NIM)

  • What is NIM,Basic NIM Components.

Overview of HACMP

  • What is HACMP, Basics HACMP Components.

Overview of LPAR, DLPAR, VIOS

  • What is LPAR Basics Of Lpar ,What is DLPAR and What is VIOS.

Overview of Storage Area Network connectivity with AIX.

  • SAN Connectivity with AIX, Description about HBA, Identification of Storage Volumes.

AIX Project Implementations in Lab.

  • AIX Project Implementation in Lab include from System commission to decommission of system, AIX Project Implementations will help student to get confidence in all AIX terms.