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Embedded Systems Online Training Course Content

Embedded Basics

  • What is an Embedded Systems?
  • What are the Embedded Applications and Functions?
  • What are the Embedded Design constraints?
  • What the components of Embedded Hardware and Software?
  • What the Building block of embedded project?
  • What are the Hardware and Software Embedded Tools?
  • What is Embedded C?
  • What is Microcontroller & Microprocessors?
  • What is RTS?
  • What is RTOS?
  • Sample Embedded Hardware Schematic Creation
  • Sample Embedded C program

Introduction to Embedded Systemss

  • What is Embedded Systems?
  • Embedded Domains and Application
  • Embedded Product life cycle of Prototype
  • Embedded Product life cycle of Real Product
  • Embedded Software life cycle
  • Embedded Hardware life cycle
  • Embedded Product design & Development
  • Embedded Design constraints (BOM, Low cost, Time to Market etc..)
  • Example of Embedded Product design and development.
  • Introduction to Embedded 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 bit Microcontrollers
  • Introduction to Programmers, Debuggers, Emulators, Simulators, Evaluation kit,Development kit
  • Sample embedded exercise for New Product development via block diagram.

Embedded Hardware Design and Development

  • Introduction to Embedded Hardware Designing Tools
  • Basics of Electronics, Electronics IC devices, How to use the IC components w.r.t Datasheet
  • Basics of Schematic creation with 8 bit microcontroller, PCB board, circuit diagram
  • BOM creation, Procurement and Tracking
  • Training on Orcad Schematics designing Tool (Part creation, schematic drawing, Output
  • Training on Orcad PCB Layout Tool (Part creation, schematic drawing, Output creation)
  • Training on PCB Gerber creation, manufacturing, PCB components soldering, Testing
  • Training on board bring up and testing
  • Embedded hardware bug fixing
  • Embedded Hardware version control (Proto Alpa, beta)
  • Sample embedded hardware exercise 1 for Creating a Embedded Hardware PCB
  • Sample embedded hardware exercise 2 for Battery power management and power calculations.

Embedded Software Design and Development

  • Introduction to Embedded Software (Device Driver, Middleware, Application layer)
  • Introduction to Embedded Software Tools
  • Basics of C programming (C Basic data types, constructs, Functions)
  • Basics of Embedded C and Assembly language
  • Training on 8 bit microcontroller Programming
  • Training on Microchip IDE and C compiler
  • Training of Software code management / version control
  • Hardware Interfacing in Embedded C (GPIO, UART, LED, Interrupts, LCD)
  • Training on Programming Embedded 8 bit microcontrollers
  • Code Integration and bug fixing
  • Sample embedded software exercise 1 for Simple Project
  • Sample embedded software exercise 2 for Domain specific application

Embedded Hardware, Software and Product Testing

  • Embedded Hardware Components, Bare PCB, Complete PCB, Board bring up Testing
  • Embedded Product Performance testing (Speed, Functionality, Power)
  • Embedded Battery management testing
  • Embedded Vibration, Shock, Temperature, Reliability testing
  • Embedded Software unit / Module, Functionality, Complete Testing
  • Embedded Prototype, Alpha, Beta, final Product testing

Embedded Real Time systems and Real time Operating systems

  • Introduction to Real Time systems
  • What is Hard and Soft Real time systems
  • Basic of RTS
  • Training on RTOS Concepts (task, semaphore, Multitasking)
  • Introduction to RTOS Tools (utron, Ucos, Nucleous, EFOS, Android, WINCE)
  • Sample exercise on RTOS programming

Embedded Latest technologies, Communication systems

  • Training on GPS, GPRS / 3G, Tracking devices
  • Training on Automotive Infotainment
  • Introduction on Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, Mira cast, HDMI, Mirror link technologies
  • Introduction on Embedded Android Devices, Smartphone architectures