We were incorporated in 2014 and are growing rapidly. We differentiate ourselves in the industry with our emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. We have received various testimonials from our customers and in turn we received several referrals from them. We have trained more than 5000 engineers and graduates, majority of whom were absorbed by the industry. We have trained many NRIs from US as well. Many of them were absorbed in the US IT industry.

We have invested for the long term growth of the company. Our facility is of state-of-the-art with advanced lab facilities. We provide individual computers to all of our trainees. We have a full fledged network with high performance servers, power backup and a high speed internet connection. We have expanded our offerings to corporate customers as well, in addition to training in-house students in our modern state-of-the-art facilities. Techsoftpro excels at providing training to corporate clients as part of consulting engagements in USA & UK

We have provided corporate training to a long list of customers. We have supported many of our customers in their nation-wide deployment of ERP implementations across various sites. We have supported implementations of our customers in USA. We are engaged in product development for a long list of customers with highly talented and experienced people

Techsoftpro follow standards of IT industry reach and broad exposure to the latest technologies provide a wide world of opportunity to launch educator’s career in the right direction to make the educators profile to meet the one of the fastest-growing IT, business process outsourcing, and consulting companies in the world.

Techsoftpro expands its wings rapidly around the globe, resolving new problems for clients, and opening new frontiers to explore and always looking for how to create more innovative ways of doing business… leverage advanced technologies… and transform knowledge to educators and their operations in advance of any economic eventuality.

The Business code here is “client first,” We breathe it daily. Apart from good hard work, our clients truly appreciate what we do. They value the business-technology insights and capabilities we deliver to their organizations, and the success we help enable. The feed back we get from our clients has proven that time and again, and have helped to make us the fastest growing IT services to deliver the greatest results for the vendors and stakeholders to remain dedicated to staying at the forefront of business and technology trends.