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Asp DotNet MVC Online Training Course Content

Introduction of ASP.NET MVC

  • What, why and when ASP.NET MVC
  • Tools to use
  • Installation
  • Roles of Model, View and Controller
  • Unit Testing
  • JavaScript and CSS into play

Getting Started

  • Project templates
  • Understanding the structure of ASP.NET MVC Project
  • Naming conventions
  • Defining a Controller
  • Defining a Model

Creating an application in ASP.NET MVC

  • Views
  • Read only
  • Form based
  • Model bounded
  • How Action methods and URLs works
  • HTML Helper methods
  • Custom Helper methods
  • View Data Validations

Working with Controllers in ASP.NET MVC

  • Routes and Controllers
  • Actions and Parameters
  • Action Results
  • Action Selectors
  • Action Filters
  • Passing validation errors to Views
  • Passing temporary data to Views
  • Asynchronous Controllers

Understanding Razor View Engine

  • What, why and when
  • Razor Syntax
  • Code Expressions
  • Code Blocks
  • Layout Views
  • HTML Helpers
  • Partial Views
  • Rendering Sections
  • Commenting
  • Calling utility functions
  • Calling Model data

Working with Data (Part 1)

  • The Entity Framework
  • Building Entities
  • Using LINQ
  • Defining a data repository
  • Performing CRUD operation in database using Scaffolding
  • Html Custom Helper Templates

Working with Data (Part II)

  •   Performing complex custom CRUD operations
  • Using ADO.NET Entity Framework
  • Using ADO.NET
  • Validation Annotations
  • Remote validations
  • Custom Validations
  • Validation using Fluent Validation Framework

Additional techniques

  • Generating URLs and Hyperlinks
  • Working with View-Model class
  • Understanding routing
  • Constraints in routing
  • Understanding View scaffolding templates
  • Understanding Controller scaffolding templates
  • Global Filters
  • Areas
  • What, why and how

State Management in ASP.NET MVC

  • Using Hidden fields
  • Session and Application state
  • Using query strings

Security in ASP.NET MVC

  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Membership providers
  • Roles based authentication
  • Avoiding cross site request forgery
  • OAuth – social login


  • Managing scripts
  • AJAX helpers
  • Working with Asynchronous methods
  • Overview of jQuery
  • Overview of jQuery UI


  • Overview of ASP.NET Web API
  • Working with ASP.NET MVC Web API
  • Validation

Creating Mobile Sites / Adaptive rendering for different devices

  • Mobile interface and how it works
  • Managing layout and data
  • Introducing Modernizr
  • Introducing Bootstrap


  • What, why and when
  • Unit Testing framework
  • TDD Hands on
  • Testing controller methods dealing with static data
  • Testing controller methods dealing with database


  • Bundling and Minification
  • Publishing project
  • Making it live